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What to do during a quarantine Valentine’s Day?

Loving yourself and others is always in style; however, celebrating romantic love, friendship and admiration is never more prominent than on February 14th. Valentine's Day may be good for the heart, in more ways than one.

Chocolate, flowers, red wine, and expressions of love. Really - does it get better than that?

But this year, gone are the days of extravagant dinner dates and social outings to celebrate all things love.

BUT that doesn’t mean love is cancelled. Let me be clear:

Love is NEVER Cancelled.

If you’re stuck on what to do during lockdown 3000000 - I’ve included ten great ideas to ring in the Hallmark love holiday.

Alone, with family, friends or a partner - I hope you feel the love. Because this year, we need it more than ever.


Turn your bathroom into the ideal spa. Run a bubble bath worthy of a honeymoon suite, surround the tub with candles, soft music, and set a tray of treats near and don’t forget the bottle of Champagne within arm's reach.

Must have "spa day" products: Sol de Janeiro's Spa Night Bundle


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice warm gooey baked good? Up the ante and challenge yourself (and friend, partner or family member) that each baked good must be heart-shaped!

I mastered Banana bread (this is a feat since the kitchen and I are historically enemies) and I’m damn proud of it - if you want my award-winning recipe - reach out and I’m happy to share the gem ;)


Pour yourself a glass of your favourite Rosé, Pinot or Red and set up a Zoom call with your best pals! (P.S. - wine and I are besties, so if you need more suggestions, I've got you covered)


Pick up unique food and beverages for yourself and partner to taste test! Make note of what you like and don’t. Who knows, you may find your new favourite type of wine or realize you absolutely love butter chicken. Whatever you discover, you’ll have fun doing it!

Local Toronto recommendations:


This is great for AM or PM dates! You can serve in bed or change it up and have sweets for dinner (because who doesn’t love that?) Make sure you go full out!

Syrup, all the fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and bananas!) chocolate and caramel sauce, whip cream, and don’t forget the chocolate chips.


Walking is great for your mental and physical health. If you’re alone - go for a hike and throw in some headphones, enjoy your fav playlist or podcast. If you’re with a partner or friend, enjoy nature together and get to know each other even better.


Remember in elementary school when making Valentine’s Day surprises for your friends and classmates was the best? Let’s bring that back because it's never too late to learn something new. Download tutorials on knitting or watercolor painting and spend Valentine's Day crafting.


Self-care is a great way to show your mind and body self love. Go on Youtube and throw on beginners or challenge yourself to an intermediate level yoga class. You deserve to enjoy some Zen time. Personal preference is Melissa Wood Health because she’s all things amazing and so soothing at the same time.


Of course, I had to add a movie night to the list! It doesn’t really get better than snuggling up with your partner or fluffy friend with treats and throwing on a classic. So grab the popcorn and settle in on the couch for an evening filled with your favorite rom-coms, including:

The Princess Bride

The Big Sick

Before Sunrise

Crazy Rich Asians

Set It Up

The Wedding Year


#supportlocal!! Show your support for local businesses and besides, who wants a labor-intensive cooking night on V-Day? Here are some of my favorite Toronto take out spots:

and of course Sotto Sotto :)

Honourable mentions: Fondue night, board games, indoor picnic.

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