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Small businesses are among the hardest hit as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to cause economic uncertainty. Re-entering another lockdown, we thought we would do our part and invite some of our favourite Toronto businesses to answer a few questions.

Enter - The Green Jar. The Green Jar is a Toronto business that embraces eco-friendly living, curates a range of personal care and household products, and always reminds its customers; small changes can have a big impact on our planet. Below is our interview with Tannis & Mara Bundi from The Green Jar.

001. What is your business? Tell us a bit about yourself.

We are a Toronto refillery, located in Midtown.

We sell bulk, plant-based personal care and cleaning products for the household - in liquid and dried options.

Our mission is to encourage people to eliminate their household and plastic waste by refilling their own bottles with earth-friendly essentials that are safe for the whole family.

002. What resources have you found helpful?

What has been helpful is making connections with, (and being a part of) community action groups that align with our values of supporting a circular economy.

003. How can consumers help support you during this time?

consumers can support us by...

o Try some of our zero waste products that we know you will love!

o Buy a gift certificate.

o Mention us on social media.

o Tell a friend… word-of-mouth is extremely valuable!

o Sign up to our subscription service.

004. How do you stay positive during these times? / How do you stay motivated?

Our Green Jar community has been so supportive by continuing to make purchases and mentioning us on social media. We are delighted when someone calls to tell us “I received my order the other day and I want to tell you, that your - x x x (Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner), is my new favourite product!”

Or “I can’t wait to go home and clean!”

This might sound corny, but knowing we are doing our part to help Planet Earth, keeps us motivated. Small changes can make a big impact on the planet.... that is what compels us to keep going!

005. Any advice for other small business owners?

Our advice is to stick to your values, engage with your community and be open to new perspectives.


Check out The Green Jar website here.

It was a pleasure being able to virtually connect and interview the amazing, sustainable brand that is The Green Jar. Whether you’re a beginner looking for help going green or an eco-warrior who wants a one-stop-shop for sustainable products, The Green Jar's got you covered.

The Green Jar is located at 1061 St Clair Ave W, Toronto. You can find them on Instagram at @thegreenjarshop or give them a call at (416) 652-6991!

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