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Want to dive in a little deeper, but fear you don’t have the time to commit to a set schedule each week? No pressure. You can be your own tactical and knowledgeable genius in various topics once you go through these 4-week courses. Designed to give you just the right amount of information in each unit to guide you through each step of the way, you will come out ahead of the curve, ready to rise above to your career’s next level.

The question is: what are you waiting for?

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Designed to give you just the right amount of information in each unit to guide you through each step of the way.


Branding is one of those words I look at similar to - organic or sustainable. It’s such a buzzword - but what does it really mean? And how can you figure it all out? Rest assured you’re in the right place! In this template, we’re digging deep into what defines a brand. You’ll understand how to create a purpose-driven, bold forward-facing brand to help you build a stable, healthy and transparent audience!


Take it from me - if there’s a template you need - it’s this one!


From January 2017 to October 2018, I had the pleasure of working with [The NBP Group] while they were the agency of record for THE COLLECTIONS™ event RE\SET. The agency consistently delivered above our expectations with regards to securing coverage in both national and international outlets.

Furthermore, Dani Matte provided invaluable PR support on a special project with Hudson's Bay and 12 designers. I highly recommend her agency for anyone looking for a firm with a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and great relationships both nationally and abroad."

Mel Ashcroft


How it works


Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Want some advice on how to level up your skills? Ready to tackle your dreams and passions with proven techniques and tips from experts who have walked the path for you – this is the right place. 

Join me, download the courses and templates and get ready to set yourself up for success. Please become a member and hear directly from me and other experts on what to do and how to do it best. Rest assured, your business is in the right hands!


Question is – What are you waiting for?

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