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What kind of business owner are you?

Whether you are an actual business owner or are contemplating creating and owning your own business one day, you may have wondered - what kind of leader am I?

Well, rest assured I've got you covered with a quick quiz to help you identify your best leadership skillset!

Use this to best determine your strengths and work on any weaknesses you may have.

Because being an effective leader is a crucial foundation for your business!

With that being said,

have fun and take the quiz!

Of course, we are much more diverse than these four types. However, I think it’s important to determine a general understanding of what type you might be. The more we understand our strengths the more we can forge ahead into our successful future.

Together let’s transition into the next phase of your pursuit.

Everyone has expertise, but understanding how to build a strong foundation with your brand is crucial. And being a great leader while using the help of my templates will catapult you to the top of your game.

Whether it’s branding, financials, PR or a step by step guide to walk you through starting - I will guide you through any stage of your business journey, together we will achieve success - regardless of your type.

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