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How gratitude can change your business

OK, let me dive into the power of gratitude (and yes it may sound cheesy, but it is in fact extremely important!)

While many of us tend to view and express gratitude in relation to our personal lives, it’s important to realize, amalgamating gratitude into your workplace is just as critical.

Practicing gratitude completely changes your perception of life from top to bottom.

Let me divulge into why I know this - truly from experience.

Previously in business, I would focus on the hustle and grind - meaning, I would not leave time to really digest how everything in my life was transpiring. When I was stuck in a tumultuous business partnership, it shifted my day to day activities significantly. What I didn't realize at the time was how much it affected me and everyone around me. The constant negativity was a beacon for the continuous ups and downs in my career.

During my business separation (of which I have had more than one in my journey - more on this later) I turned to practicing daily gratitude & dedicating my mornings to focus on things I was so deeply thankful for.

Even the simplest things as my morning cup of tea or my crisp white sheets started to completely shift my mindset.

Since - it's transformed my business and more importantly, myself.

The lesson to be learned here is:

Practicing gratitude opens space in your mind to shift your mindset and manifest your life - to accomplish WAY MORE.

You are more clear with your intentions, more focused on your outlook and more capable of persevering through all the wild ups and downs entrepreneurship has to offer. You became a beacon of hope and inspiration to those around you and someone who attracts people to you. Trust me - you want this!

What you think --> Becomes what you are --> You are a part of your brand --> Branding is KEY for success.

See the pattern here?

In business, practicing gratitude affects your brand and your relationships with your clients. Gratitude becomes a part of one’s reputation - it affects how you walk through your day to day like with staff, clients, family, and friends.

And let’s get one thing clear - the only thing that matters is how consumers feel when they think about your brand, or when they make a purchase. Their perception is of utmost importance.

The key is to change your attitude and make gratitude a part of who you are and not something you do.

Ultimately - the way a consumer perceives a brand is what defines it. You can promise the world to people with your messaging but if you do not follow through in every aspect - you will ultimately fail.

I’m going to give you some nuggets I offer in my branding course, which walks you through every single step you to to define your brand.

Here are 5 core principles to think about your brand.

  • What is your brand promise?

  • What is your brand perception?

  • What are your brand expectations?

  • What is your brand persona?

  • What are your brand elements? (think colours, logo style fonts)

I’ll leave you with this -

- Ask yourself - what do I want to be remembered by?

- How do I want to be received in business?

- And ultimately what is the brand I want people to associate me to?

Want the answers? Get them from my Branding 101 course. Don't wait - start now.

Dive in, start small, and watch how this changes your entire life too.



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