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A round up some of my favourite small businesses to shop & support.

Trust me - there are amazing gems in here.

It's no secret small businesses have been under unbelievable pressure since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, some have been forced to close, while others have pivoted their operations in order to survive, but all are in need of our support, today and always.

So, this holiday season, instead of giving big-box retailers (*cough* Amazon) your money, think of supporting small businesses who will quite literally - do a happy dance when you buy from them.

I've rounded up some of my favourites in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and just all around goodness to help you get started :)


If you know me at all, you know my love for fashion, runs deep. Like REALLY deep.

You CANNOT go wrong with any of these amazing designers - all of which are Canadian and make some stunning pieces.

This Canadian brand stole my heart years ago and the obsession has never withered. 'Business on the top' has met its soulmate with any of these impeccable blazers. If it's good enough for The Duchess of Combridge, it's good enough for anyone ;)

Another Royal favourite, but more importantly, NONIE is a homegrown responsibly and ethically made Canadian label with undeniable style. Made for the modern woman, each and every piece in NONIE's collections transcends seasons, making for perfect staples forever. Everything is divine - your closet will thank me later ;)

VICTORIA HAYES | Malibu Boyfriend Blazer

Victoria Hayes burst onto the fashion scene just a few short years ago and has literally dressed half of Hollywood. Statement pieces, made to standout, her ethically made collection is produced in small batches so get your hands on them now before they're gone forever.

Named after iconic women throughout history, you cannot go wrong with this custom leather brand. Probably the coolest leather company EVER, By The Namesake let's you customize everything on these jackets, truly making it your own. And what's amazing - you can do it all online. Step up your leather game peeps, it's worth the investment.

HILARY MACMILLAN | Black Sleeveless Trench Vest

Canadian? check. Toronto-based? check. cruelty-free and siz-inclusive? check check. AND affordable? - check check check. Her versatile collection offers a myriad of opportunities to dress up or down, depending on your mood & what's better, she's undeniably producing some of the most affordable wearable contemporary collections Canada has to offer. Not sure what you're waiting for so go shop shop shop.

THE CASHMERE SHOP | Vicia Bralette

Honestly, who doesn't need a knit bralette? Channel your inner Katie Holmes with this gem.

COVID-19 has made all of us swoon over loungewear. But loungewear made of recycled fabrics in fun cheerful colours I'll take any day. There isn't a single thing from this brand I don't want, and that says a lot considering my loungewear closet section is already exploding.

BIPOC designer Nicole Shante has literally designed my dream leather wide leg pants. one word: Addicted!


Step up your skincare game.

Let's get real. COVID has made me step up my beauty game. And while glam makeup may currently be on pause, you can achieve natural glowing skin with these favourites of mine that have become a weekly ritual.

I can't say enough about this brand. Founded by skincare guru Victoria Radford these 24K gold face masks literally make your face glow like no other. And for an extra natural punch to make your zoom look pop - the glow primer has got you covered.

FANCY FACE | Supermodel Lip Bath

Say goodbye to dry lips forever with this magic balm. And let me tell you, this daily lip treatment is packed full of nutrients like shea butter, castor oil and vitamin e, to give your lips to the ultimate royal treatment. It's easily the most multi-functional one on the market. Wear it at night, by itself during the day or over your favourite lipstick shade for the softest plush lips - ready for their 'zoom' close up!

GEE BEAUTY | Rose Gold Body Oil

Channel your sunkissed glow with this shimmering body oil, from a Toronto staple shop. Yes it's amazing and yes you need it. Enough said.

We all deserve a little spa treatment at home - this Canadian made brand has got you covered. My preference, the cleansing sage with pine oil, BC glacial clay and epsom salt bath soak - perfect for the holiday season.

This all natural hair mask is a spa treatment for your hair. Use all of the above with this and you'll feel like a whole new person afterwards - for the better. Bonus - it's handmade right here in Toronto.


In the time of COVID - accessorizing your look is a must. Whether it be sweats or full on glam, step up your game with these small business gems.

Afterall, we could all remember to embrace each accessory for the individual statement it makes instead of drowning out the moment with more noise ;). But either way, all of these are absolute must haves.

Sustainable, ethical and Canadian, this luxury brand has taken the wallet to a whole new level. Your cards have never seen a more luxurious home. *Psst* - also great for men, just saying.

JENNIFER FISHER | Mini Maeve Hoops

I'm a die hard Jennifer Fisher fan, like die hard. Everything she touches turns to gold and these hoops are no exception. Pretty sure I could own everything in her collection, but if I had to pick one style - these would be it.

JENNY BIRD | Mega Link Necklace

A self taught Canadian designer, Jenny Bird has redefined affordable jewelry with her bold, stylish and timeless pieces. A personal fav - the mega link necklace. Because chains are in, and in my world, they will always be in. If the mega is too big for you, rest assured she has a wide offering of styles to suit every need.

ELECTRIC PICKS | 4mm Python Necklace

I was influenced to buy this brand from Melissa Wood Health, and I do not regret it one bit. This python necklace is what dreams are made of. And it's affordable. Enough said.

MARINA RAPHAEL | Micro Rivera in Beige

Picture yourself on the Mayan Rivera or strolling through Tuscany with this perfect vacation bag. Whether you're there or not, invest in a timeless piece to inspire your travels and serve up swoon worthy looks with.


Vacationing near or far - this hat is a staple. Made by legendary designer Janessa Leone, I promise you you will not regret this investment. Get summer ready now, because we all know as soon as COVID restrictions end, we'll all be hanging by a beach somewhere in Italy (or at least I will be).


3 words: Prepare to swoon.

SHOP WOLF AND MOON | Love Handles Vase

This brand new store opened in the middle of the pandemic. And everything in there is AMAZING. Ever since I went on opening weekend, I quite literally haven't stopped thinking of this 'Love Handles Vase'. It. Is. Everything.

HOPSON GRACE | Marble Wine Cooler

Marble everything, always. This wine holder doubles as a vase and for those who have limited space, this beauty can live on your counter without feeling cluttered.

Did I say I love marble? Because I do. Statement pieces in your kitchen and dining room are as important as your closet, act accordingly.

There's something so stunning about this woman figure vase. Between it being handmade, and this design and shape of the vase itself, this piece radiates such grace and femininity it's an absolute must-have.

GILDED BEAUTY | The Body Brush

BIPOC owned Gilded Beauty makes a solid case for luxury body treatments and this marble (yes I said marble) body brush is serious must have. Get it now before they sell out, which is basically guaranteed since the world is obsessing over them.


I should just do a full gift guide on marble pieces. This catch all is a stunning addition to your home, and it's handmade right here in Toronto.


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