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Breaking down tv's iconic pr agents.

You’re probably wondering - are these fictional Publicists we see on some of the most popular TV shows really actually real? Do we really do what they do?

Today I’m dishing this one out because the stigma of the glamorous life we all seem to live as publicists should probably be brought to light ;)

Let’s look at a few iconic PR agents / specialists and break down what they’re good at and what needs some work. Ready? Lights, camera, action!


Samantha Jones : Sex and the City

Starting off with the iconic, Samantha Jones from hit TV show Sex and the City. While PR isn’t all about planning and attending fabulous events like character Samantha Jones portrays it to be, the fictional NYC publicist teaches us one of the most important PR lessons, “your network is your net worth.” If Samantha doesn’t know someone, she knows someone who knows someone. Samantha knows how to build relationships with journalists which is the key to getting media coverage.

What she’s good at:

Samantha is the definition of a social butterfly. She knows all the ins and outs and builds strong connections with ease.

What needs work:

PR isn’t always as glam and exciting as Samantha makes it out to be. It’s hard work, dedication, grueling hours and sometimes sleepless nights.

Shauna Roberts : Entourage

Next we have, Shauna Roberts from the television show Entourage. Shauna plays the role of sassy, headstrong and of course brutally honest Los Angeles publicist. Shauna represents heart-throb actor Vincent Chase. Shauna is shown throughout the series as a power figure representing Vincent and providing him clarity on his career path, the opportunity to make huge media appearances, land celebrity endorsements and furthering his acting career. In Hollywood - she's a leading woman in a male-dominated industry.

What she’s good at:

Shauna Roberts knows how to use her connections in the industry and is the only character in Entourage who is brave enough and quick-witted enough to stand up to Ari and the boys. And really, there is no more frustrating job than being the publicist to a high-rising, high-risk Hollywood starlight (let me tell you from the deep trenches of PR). Regardless, Shauna does whatever she can to promote her client. She does not let the testosterone in the room deter her from getting the job done. She has no problem putting anyone - especially men - in their place. Give. Me. That. Women. Power!!!!

What needs work:

Although her insults were always golden and made for entertainment purposes, I’m also sure her language wouldn’t be well received in the real world of client-PR relationships.

The Mad Men Team : Mad Men

While based on an advertising agency, PR is just as high pressure as the advertising world on NYC’s renowned Madison Avenue. The Mad Men team offer many relevant real-world scenarios that publicists encounter every day including client interaction, strategy planning, content creation, new business pitches and agency dynamics.

What they’re good at:

The agency demonstrates a deep understanding of the need to stay on top of trends to remain competitive. This can be seen when the agency adds a television division, despite the fact that television is a very new medium in the era in which the series takes place.

What needs work:

Some characters in Mad Men make public relations seem like a profession full of tenacious overachievers who can be manipulative. When in reality, PR pros are skillful professionals who maintain the importance of a company (person or brand) in the public eye.

Emily Cooper : Emily in Paris

Love it or hate it, everyone was talking about Emily in Paris in 2020. The shows protagonist is Emily Cooper, a 20-something digital-marketing whiz whose job sends her to Paris. Her task is to bring the American marketing point of view to Paris because, apparently, every place in the world somehow needs an American perspective about everything...

What she's good at:

The show highlights one of the key elements of the marketing and strategic communication industry, the importance of brands’ social media accounts in a digital era.

What needs work:

Emily focuses on social media and the show's perception is, if you are young – you must know everything there is about social media and are an expert – but that's not always true. The show uses too many "buzz words" like "To build a brand, you must create meaningful social media engagement." But she never explains why or how. And what seems to be the most infuriating thing (after seeing many posts covering it) is Emily's uncanny ability to grow her personal Instagram (@emilyinparis) from 48 followers to 25,000 within a couple of episodes. According to the series, all it takes is a few selfies of yourself eating croissants and drinking champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Pro tip - it takes WAY more effort than that to do this organically ;).

Olive Pope : Scandal

And of course, we have Olivia Pope in Scandal. Olivia uses the media to right the wrongs perpetrated by and against America’s political and social elite. Olivia is also known to use her ability to read people and situations to maneuver those around her to her and her firm’s advantage. In Olivia Pope’s words, “My gut tells me everything I need to know.

Basically - I channel Olivia Pope in my heard all day, everyday - because she's brilliant AND her style is on point.

What she’s good at:

Olivia Pope is the queen of crisis communications. She understands the ins and outs of politics and can pivot any disaster into an opportunity.

What needs work:

Olivia and her associates often exercise borderline illegal means to fix the problems of her clients. So even though Olivia will do anything to salvage the reputations of her clients she may use unethical lies and public manipulation. While great for entertainment, we honest publicists don't use these tactics in day-to-day life.


These fictional PR pros have one key component in common, they understand the value of PR. All of these roles, no matter how differently portrayed, exudes a deep connection with how important one’s public image may be. As a company, or a personal brand.

At some point in time, each series displays an understanding on how to build exposure, credibility and awareness for each client. Because it’s that important.

So - if you want to start building your credibility, and getting exposure for your own brand - I've got the solution for you!

And of course, I’m showing you how to do it yourself. Whether you're just starting up, or don't have the budget for PR, or you just want to brush up on your PR skills, my template - How to Pitch Like a Pro - is golden.

I've spilled so many trusted secrets in this template to help you hone in on your success. (Secrets brought to you by a real PR pro)

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Happy Pitching!


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